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Welcome to my website!

This is where I get my chance to stroll down memory lane to tell you a little bit about myself. I’ll try to keep it short.

Most of my earliest memories in life have been formed around my obsession with horses. Whether it was reading books or learning to draw and paint, I was always attempting to capture the elusive spirit of the horse.

The pursuit of the image led me to focus on painting and drawing, and after high school, I found myself studying at The New School of Art – a UNESCO project in downtown Toronto. Taught by working art professionals, I was introduced to art philosophy, art history, drawing, painting, anatomy, colour and design. In the following years, I took workshops and classes by various wildlife and nature painters, most notably Robert Bateman.

But for the most part, I learned far more about life and art from the field.

In 1989 I moved from downtown Toronto to Waldemar, Ontario, a sleepy little hamlet on the banks of the Grand River, about 50 miles/80 kms northwest of the city. This had far more impact on me than any art school ever could. Rural life offered me landscape, wildlife, waterfowl and horses, as well as cows, crows and clear, starry nights.

I continued to develop my painting, entering art shows, exhibiting and selling my work in galleries, and always learning more from fellow artists and nature itself. My work was met with some success in several venues, and in 1997, I was honoured as Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Artist of the Year.

In 1988 I entered my first miniature art show at the Toronto International Miniature Art Exhibition presented by The Del Bello Gallery, and I was hooked. Miniature paintings were a perfect vehicle to work out ideas before painting larger scale works, as well as being little gems on their own. Small enough to hold in your hand, miniatures offer an intimate world of possibilities.

I now find myself in northern Maryland – beautiful country with a thriving horse culture. I believe there are close to 50 horses within a 3 mile radius of where I live! Besides the horses and hounds, the steeplechases, polo matches and the Preakness at Pimlico, I’ve been able to visit the wild ponies of Assateague Island, a magical place that I could only read about as a child.

In addition to working on my miniatures, I’ve taken up plein air painting as well as continuing to paint larger size works in both oils and acrylics. I belong to a number of art associations, most notably my recent acceptance in the Society of Animal Artists, as well as being a Signature Member of the Miniature Artists of America.

And still... I paint horses.


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